Meet host: Sonics

Meet date: 5/12/2018

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NOTE: Projected start times are only estimates. A rolling schedule will be followed and events might begin earlier than expected.

Event NameAge DivisionsRoundProjected StartActual Start
3000 Meter Run11 and upTF8:30 AM8:37 AM
1500 Meter Racewalk11-12TF9:00 AM9:09 AM
3000 Meter Racewalk13 and upTF9:15 AM9:22 AM
400 Meter Dash13 and upTF9:30 AM9:48 AM
800 Meter RunUp to 12TF10:40 AM10:56 AM
80 Meter Hurdles11-12TF12:10 PM1:05 PM
100 Meter HurdlesGirls 13-up, Boys 13-14TF12:20 PM1:17 PM
110 Meter Hurdles15 and up (boys)TF12:40 PM1:35 PM
100 Meter Dash13 and upTF12:50 PM1:45 PM
200 Meter DashUp to 12TF1:30 PM2:16 PM
4x100 Meter RelayAllTF3:15 PM3:09 PM
1500 Meter RunAllTF4:00 PM3:54 PM
4x400 Meter Relay9 and upTF5:00 PM4:56 PM